'A Screw Collection' by Jarvis T (Aged 9.2 years)
"I like that screws are metal and so not a lot of things can break them. I think screws should be collected because animals might eat them by accident.
This is the first ever screw I found when I started my screw collections, I was six. the rustiest one I have. It was a humungous screw for a train. I stated to collect because I thought it was a fun thing because I could try to make stuff with it. I used to try to make robots with the screws but then I figured out I can't really do that right now because I don't have all the things. 
I used to think i would be an engineer when i grow up, but I'm more into sports now. I'm a basketball player, or I'm an athlete. But I could be an engineer later in my life, maybe i could be an engineer and a basketball coach. If you collect screws you can give them to engineers so they have more screws so they can make better stuff
But i still try to make figures with them and I also like to try and make figures that are extremely funny. And figures that are weird. This one, the ultimate basketball player.
And if they get rusty I like to find rusty screws because they are very old. they have lots of history. They come in lots of different shapes and sizes.
See this screw here, maybe it was connected to a car or a boat, oh wait it was found in the street, so maybe a bus. I don't think it could have been the wheels, maybe it was for the engine to connect it. So they might have to buy another screw for that. But I found it, so now it's for me. Like the train screw, it must be really important, for the wheels or the door. 
I feel having a screw collection is normal for me. I put the collection in a tub together, by colour sometimes, which one is rusty, which one not so.
I love screw collecting because the screws in the road are so little, apart from the bus and the train ones. And if they're really hard to find its like Easter, so you're always looking for screws."
Children are drawn to the small and intricate, the abandoned and lost. Their world focuses in on details that we pass by and no longer notice as we get older.
Items that are collected by children are valued with a unique care as they create meaning and context to the seemingly random hoard.
This revaluing of our waste is an important element as we look to a future that is more sustainable.

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