What does the organisation of things bring to us?... There is a calming in the ordering of chaos. There is a consideration in the moment of categorising. There is an ownership as we take control of how it is displayed and found by others.​​​​
What questions can we ask to create order?... What is it made from? What is its colour? What is its shape? Is it natural or man-made? What was its past use? What will be its new purpose?
What comparisons can design a system?... Is it lighter than? Is it more yellow than? Is it heavier than? Is it bigger than?
How can we best view it?... In a jar? In a tub? On a shelf?
Curating a space with children supports a depth of understanding in the world around us, in terms of acquiring knowledge of what materials objects are made from, what are their properties, what are their applications in society.
The children's involvement recognises that this act creates ownership of a space, and embeds the desire to care for and maintain. By being involved in the decision processes the children can reflect and build on knowledge, an ongoing project where new materials can be added for the space and the workspace adapted. The children very much defining their own re-purposing space.
Please contact to discuss options to support the creation of a re-purposing space and creating meaningful reflective documentation of the journey info@corneratelier.com

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