Saturday morning in Worthing town centre and a group of local children meet for a workshop at the newly opened Climate Resilience cEntre.
The session serves as a wonderful introduction to the space, what it is, why is it there, and what opportunities can be shared at a space like this.
As the children arrive there is time for them to explore at their leisure, to stop and investigate the many tables of information and community interest.
Everything is available to touch, to explore, and to question what it is and why... Sean is on hand, the children’s host at CREW for the morning, to answer the questions and share an understanding of the purposes of the information provided.
In time we come together in the hub’s workshop space, immediately the children are overflowing with ideas, suggestions and purpose to create and share their messages of sustainability.
The workshop is facilitated as an introduction to a climate resilience centre, but also with the intention of supporting the children to share their voice. And for their voice to become a dialogue within their community.
There are materials provided, and a provocation that can be expanded, that will support the children to collaborate and design their invitation of conversation.
The resulting piece is the children’s messages that are important to them, written, drawn, painted and shared. Facts, questions, suggestions and thoughts.
They invite you to collaborate... Please stop by and read, interact, comment and create your own response to a climate emergency that effects us all.

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