At 'Into The Wild Festival', a weekend event for families to reconnect with nature and their environment, The Corner Atelier ran a project workshop over the weekend.
Welcoming children and families with a brief focused on sustainability, creativity, and encouraging free ideas and possibilities.                                                                                    We asked our visitors to ask themselves; How can we re-create our world? What elements can be rebuilt and are relevant to a re-imagining? How will the individual contribute to the project? How can we collaborate as a group to create a unique and relevant interpretation over the weekend?
The offering of discarded and scraped materials support an environmental consideration, of repurposing and revaluing.                                                                                                                    The materials have potential to be flexible in their purpose, are familiar to us, yet often unexplored as a medium.                                                                                                                      With many combinations and inventions, the tools and constructive options available will support the large range of thought and process.​​​​​​​
Offering tools that are often associated with responsibility and adulthood, everyone is supported to learn and understand possibilities. To contribute and feel empowered with knowledge and practical experience.​​​​​​​
A collaboration which is made from individual and unique interpretations to the brief. However the materials inspire on the day is the direction in which the participants were led. As the re-imagined world is constructed, so all the completed individual elements inspire the next. 

At the beginning of the second day one of the children suggested the name, 'a universe of things', which stuck as the title of the project as it began its transformation. 

Each day new participants joined and were introduced to the work, and being over two days visitors returned from the day before to add to, complete, and share with friends and family.
The sun, a moving lift, a skate park, a castle, portals, gardens and magic trees, a water collector... individual parts that intertwined and connected together as a building project
A truly unique and beautiful vision for tomorrow...

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